Welcome to our website! Impeco company is an experienced manufacturer and distributor of a broad-based public toilets equipment. Our offer includes facilities that are necessary in areas with relatively high traffic. In practice, this means that we provide public toilets equipment has a very stable construction and reliable mechanisms of action. Our wholesale can provide you with, among others, high cash hand dryers, both steel and plastic, paper and soap dispensers, toilet changing tables for babies and high-quality insecticide lamps. Extensive experience as a distributor and manufacturer of a new generation of sanitary equipment allows us to offer you only the highest quality products. We strive to offer our solutions conducive to maintaining proper hygiene in public toilets in use. That's why we focus on easy-to-clean materials. In the case of hand dryers equip them in non-contact system startup. ...

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Welcome to our website

Impeco is an experienced manufacturer and distributor of broad-based sanitary equipment for public toilet facilities.

We offer a range of indispensable products for use in medium to high traffic areas. Our products are reliable, robust and hard-wearing. Built to last, they are impact and vandal resistant.


Our wholesale products include, high-quality hand dryers, available in aluminium, stainless steel or impact resistant ABS plastic; salon-use  hair dryers; paper and soap dispensers; baby changing stations; highly-efficient fly killers and attractive insecticide lamps.

We also provide a range of long-lasting fragrance dispensers and a selection of compatible, pleasantly-perfumed fragrances.

We take pride in offering attractive, stylish and modern designs to compliment any setting.


Extensive experience as a manufacturer and distributor of new generation sanitary equipment, allows us to offer only the highest quality products. We strive to provide practical, efficient solutions for maintaining a high level of hygiene in public toilet areas. For this reason, Impeco focuses on easy-to-clean materials.

Our hand dryers feature a touch-free start-up function to ensure maximum hygiene, reducing the spread of bacterial germs.


In the modern world, demand for environmentally friendly, sustainable products has never been greater. Impeco are proud to offer a range of eco-efficient products that will enable you to cut down on energy costs while also helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

As well as conventional models, our hand dryers and fly killers have a range of environmentally friendly, energy saving solutions that will help you reduce costs while ensuring a positive impact on the environment.


Impeco are committed to providing high-quality excellence. Our products combine affordability with high safety standards. Whether you’re concerned with cost efficiency, low maintenance, durability or energy efficiency, we can provide a range of products to suit your requirements.